Friday, January 15, 2010

Menu Madness...

It’s getting harder and harder to figure
out something different to cook for dinner.
I have volumes of cookbooks--too many, having
worked at Border’s bookstore a few years ago.

My meal wheel has been rotating around
a handful of dishes: Spaghetti with Publix
meatballs [I used to make them], roasted
pork loin with pecans, my version of California
Pizza Kitchen’s barbecued chicken pizza,
fish, pot roast and meatloaf. These dishes are
good for the wintry evenings we’ve been having.

When it begins warming up again, and especially
during the humid, hot summer months, I'll keep
the oven off, and the menu gets paired down
to lighter fare, like stir fries, and chicken with
Sweet Baby Ray’s Original BBQ Sauce that I
can cook in the small convection oven.

I was thinking who I’d want to be marooned with
on a desert island. I choose Colin Ogg, recipe diviner.
I’m sure he’d make something interesting and
unusual given his clever cooking ability.

So, this morning, I’m wondering what to plan for dinner…
I know! Colin’s Sloppy Joe’s: mmmm, good.


Colin said...

lol... you are too kind. My bookshelves look alot like yours, with the eclectic assortment of overpriced recipes that for some reason others can get paid for writing. My best practice, in my efforts to winnow through the excess is to take the recipes out of the books that I know I will use (yup, I actually tear the pages out of the book) and put them in a separate binder. There are only a few cook books that I keep on hand now just because I highly respect the cook or really enjoy the food: Gordon Ramsay and Martin Yan to name a couple. (yes, even Rachael Ray is included...)

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Look at your collection?!! I thought I had a lot of cookbooks. Isn't it funny how we have all those books and can't find a thing to cook. Your selection of foods look pretty good to me and you got Colin to respond. How nice! These days I just search on Google for a recipe. But I'm keeping my cookbooks just in case.

GutsyWriter said...

With all those cookbooks, how can you buy Publix meatballs? BTW, my husband is at the hotel next to our house, and told me "Publix is closer than I expected."
Good luck at the event on the beach. How's the weather?