Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For You, Jen: Daisy

Today’s blog is for my daughter, Jen.

It’s amazing how much a pet comes
to mean to us everyday. Someone said yesterday,
“It wasn’t the same as losing a dog.”
Does that make the hurt any less?

As many readers know, I’ve blogged
about Daisy, our lovebird, on numerous occasions.
She died yesterday.

We all had an attachment to her.
Even Daisy’s vet said that she was the most
resilient, sweet bird he’d encountered in a long time.
She always looked like she was smiling.

Jen and Daisy were on the lanai yesterday morning,
probably on ‘Cruiser’ watch. Daisy liked to walk
around the decking by the pool.

She was always honing the edges of her beak
along the textured concrete. Recently we needed
to take the edge off her sharp beak--she could punch
a hole through leather, it was so sharp.

Suddenly, Daisy toppled over into the frigid pool,
wings flapping. Jen quickly grabbed her out,
and spent several minutes trying to revive her,
but the shock was too much for Daisy.
Heartbroken, Jen buried her in the woods.

Daisy was a loving animal. She begged for
and enjoyed her head rubs, and was always nuzzling
our cheeks and necks.

Daisy is missed, but won’t be forgotten…
Turn the sound on high for the spoon clattering!


GutsyWriter said...

Nancy, I am so sorry to hear this terribly sad news. I watched the video and felt like Daisy could be my own pet. I have never owned a bird, but can see how attached you and Jen must have been. I also apologize for not getting to your blog until today.

Wolf said...

Nancy, I'm sorry that your sweet bird has died. Pets, no matter what they are, are always a big loss for the owner who loved them. Maybe in time you will have a new birdie, who will continue Daisy's work, yet also bring some new things to your life.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Nancy I am late posting but I'm sorry to here of Daisy's passing. Losing a beloved pet is always difficult.