Sunday, April 4, 2010

By Hook Or By Crook...

Insert Part A to Part B, intersected at the hypotenuse
of Parts D and C, making sure the tabs are facing inward.
Insert screws X and Y--do not tighten, yet.
At this stage of art table assembly, I’m ready to leap out
the window--even if it’s only a 3 foot drop.

I went on the internet to check on the directions.
I thought, just maybe, some other fumbler is struggling--
or has struggled through the directions--no doubt written
by a crinkled, beady-eyed old goat, beard falling into
his flask of Johnny W, in his 4x4, windowless cubicle.

The comments about the table were glowing:
"Easiest table to put together. had it up in an hour."
"Couldn’t have gone smoother--great table!"

I’ve spent 2 1/2 days earlier this past week attempting
to function like a human and assemble the dang table.
I only disassembled it twice!
“My aching back” has been a royal pain. I’ve been dueling
with an annoying sacroiliac which has kept me away from
sitting in front of my desk top PC for any length of time
to write my blog.

I’ve spent considerable time dreaming of having a
completely organized workspace for my art, photography,
and beading interests. I’d been occupying space in my
walk-in closet with most of my books and art stuff.

As I spent broken hours trying to figure out the
directions of the table--which, it turns out, had an illustration
discrepancy--I was thinking of ways to track down the
“brain” behind his desk--who, I’m sure, was devising new
and more complicated directions for me.
Maybe in 3-D?

So, here I sit in my new, ergonomic desk chair for my
art table--tapping out my blog on my portable
word processor. No, I don’t have a laptop…
My slightly lowered rib-tickler level needs a Mento
thrown into the mix. I’m hoping for an eruption of humor,
even a spit wad of something funny.

The small corner of the bedroom is finally complete with
all of my supplies neatly tucked into drawers, and my table,
waiting for me to finally sit down awhile to create.

Meanwhile, a letter is waiting to be sent to the mad illustrator
and text writer of my wonderful table.
I’m almost sure he has a stack under his nose by now…



GutsyWriter said...

Bravo!!! You did it and it looks so organized and tidy. I know how much this means to you and I am impressed. Where is your chair? I don't see it. How is your back? Improving I hope.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Those dang directions! But it looks great. I want to see the chair too!