Friday, May 7, 2010

Sentimental Journey...

Santa Monica Pier

Dad's Rocketdyne pic--2nd on left side, arms folded--
rocket gang!

Thanks for the suit, Ma!

'Headlight' Nan
Apple Valley desert

When my brother visited with me recently

from Arizona, he brought along a folder of
family photographs, many of which I'd
not seen before.

I couldn't believe how funny some
of them were. In many, I had a 'caught in
the headlights' expression on my face.
Michael remarked that I still fell into
the expression when talking about things.

We reminisced about our childhood in Santa Monica:
our house on the opposite side of the upper middle-class
neighborhoods, and how that kept so-called friends
from coming over for birthday parties; how I got
swept up in a rip-current when I was about 5-6, and
was saved by a lifeguard; the jelly-fish sting I got
one day; inner-tube wave riding; buying candy cigarettes
at the corner grocery;Mike's funny Messenger bike
and my new one...ouch!

Those were the days of tracking sand back to the
house from the beach, fishing from Santa Monica Pier,
buying Creamsicles from the Good Humor truck, and
catching gross spiders in a glass jar.
We played cowboys and indians--I was always 'arrowed'!
Mike cut my hair when I was 3 and whacked away my blonde hair.

There were times when we really got into it, typical name-
calling. We are like night and day in some ways.
He's a used-to-be brunette, and I'm a platinum blonde.
He loves to read historical books, and I like 'cozies'.

I said goodbye to Michael yesterday as he stepped curbside
at Regional South West Airport. A big hug, some"I love you's",
and he was off.

Yes, Mike's the Moonlight to my Sunshine...

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