Friday, September 10, 2010

Brain Warp--Rebooting...

I've been sucked into creative quicksand.
Sitting on the sofa, glancing out to the back
I'm waiting for an instant spark of
something funny
to tickle the dormant folds
of my usually witty brain.

This on and off period of writing has been the
bout of writer's constipation I've ever
It hasn't helped that I'd been
sidelined by a 'locked'
back, and most recently
by an injured ankle--thanks
to a misplaced tool box.

I've been watching The Weather Channel, and
of the whirling dervish spin-offs dancing off

Most seasoned Florida residents have
accustomed to the over-hype--the
of the weather men who can't
wait for a
tropical storm to hit the coast so they
can valiantly
smack-dab themselves right in the
middle of the event...

Every year the hurricane predictors say we're in
for an extremely active season. I just took stock
of my hurricane closet: 2 cases of Sam's water,
some cans of soup, paper plates and cups and
ware,dry foods, as well as 2 propane
camp stoves and enough
propane canisters.

I also have 3 loaves of duck bread-- I've had to
stock up since Cruiser is bringing her ducky friends
to the house.
If you are a new reader of my blog,
Cruiser is a sweet
Muscovy duck who chose our
house to visit everyday.

She's been cruising around the yard from the
for over a year. Only recently, Cruiser's
brought along
Whitey--and occasionally, another
duck we've
not named yet. They are both bread fiends...

Out back there's a swale, a flooded river running
along the width of grass. A couple of weeks ago
spotted catfish spiraling out from the ground
the water, swimming quickly, then 'walking'
into the woods,
like something out of a Stephen King novel.

So, here I am, molting, waiting for a simmering
idea to
boil over, watching tiny lizards and a frog
scoot close to the pool's

There's a water bowl outside for the ducks.

There was an Indigo snake coiled over the
a few weeks ago, sipping away...

Oh, I see two bobbing heads coming around the
side of the lanai enclosure, like clockwork.
Whitey and Cruiser are peeking over at me
the plants...

Gotta go feed of the wild!

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