Sunday, August 1, 2010

Clear The Roads...!

Capt. Tom, thinking did Nan kill the VW?

Tom, with the new car after the
VW died a stick-shift death!
Our VW rib-tickler!

If ya don't like my driving, stay off the road
could've been my slogan when I was learning to drive.
Unlike most people who were driving at 16, I was 27--
bulging with expectant parenthood.

Not only was it a tight squeeze, between me and the
steering wheel, I was cursed with learning on a
stick-shift in my husband's original VW Bug.

While my daughter was busy kicking me in the ribs,
I was ready to stick the shifter! Frustrated that I wasn't
sequencing that well with the clutch, brake, gas and stick,
I'd decided that childbirth would be a hiccup compared to
learning to drive that antique.

Tom was an airline captain and I was expecting that he
was going to call ahead for special clearance--that an
erratically driving female was loose on the road.

I'd managed to run over a row of rosebushes, cut the
turn on the corner, causing a flabbergasted pedestrian
to jump back a few feet.

Finally, after many driving lessons, I was ready to get
my license. Lucky for the man testing my driving ills--
I mean skills--he passed me, out of sheer self-preservation.
I guess hormonally-challenged females, this close to poppin',
was something he didn't want to face--again.

It's a lucky thing I never became an airline pilot...


Laura said...

Fun story! I think my Mom's first car was a VW bug too. She always told me it was like driving a toy car. Once you got the hang of the stick shift of course! ;) Laura

GutsyWriter said...

Funny Nancy. How come you didn't learn to drive until 27? That's unusual for the U.S. isn't it?
I hit a car when pregnant too and blamed it on my hormones.