Monday, April 27, 2009

Mirror, mirror

According to my spam folder today, I might get rich by purchasing an internet wealth kit; I've also won an international lottery worth millions.
There's a berry drink to help one lose weight, and an ad for a lunchtime face lift. Wow, I've got it made!

Some of these intriguing [and deceptive emails] are meant to lure one into an alluring new you. Personally, I'm happy with who and what I am.
Who couldn't use a quick way to make money? I didn't know that I'd entered a lottery, or that a magistrate from a foreign country wanted to bestow an inheritance to my name.

So I get a new wrinkle in my face, or I'm a little softer around the middle.
I'm drinking more water, so I figure I'll help hydrate my skin--maybe diminishing some of the new wrinkles.
If I opt for the lunchtime lift, I might look smooth and alluring for awhile, but I'll also be in the hole for a couple thousand.
As for my waistline, I can increase my exercise routine, and I don't need a gym for that. Bending, stretching, and putting a zipper on my mouth will certainly help.

It's up to me if I want to take advantage of the email hype, but I'm happy with
who and what I am.

Have a wonderful day!

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