Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Enchanted Evening

Marriage is like a thrill ride at Disney World.
You enter it with happiness, a degree of fear, and with great expectations.
What lies ahead is reality of the ride.

Living on a shoestring many years ago, I planned our wedding, managing to spend a total of $300.00—dress, flowers,and a prime rib dinner for 28 close friends and family.
Today's couples spend, on the average, $20,000 for the wedding of their dreams.

Despite the romance a marriage conveys—much the result of Hollywood movies, television, magazines and advertising, one soon realizes, upon entering the institution of marriage, that it's a fine meal of sorts.
It needs spices, sauce, sugar, and some time to bubble and simmer.
Keep romance revved up.
Be ingenious—write your spouse a poem or a love letter, surprise her/him with candy, a card you've made..a long kiss.

As for everyday life, I have to say my husband kicks in with housework, especially the vacuuming. What a guy..I don't expect it. It's a romantic gesture, I guess.
Tom's a man of schedules. Everything, including eating is at a specific time.
Me, I'm spontaneous and flexible as a stick of gum.
Want to go to lunch or a movie at 4:00, I'm there!

We are polar opposites, but the main ingredients to our thirty-seven years together have been love, compromise, and respect.
Each of us contribute personality attributes and qualities to the marriage.
Some are quirky, that goes without saying.

Yes, marriage is the reality that you do find cereal crumbs in your shorts, or an edge of toothpaste stuck to the corner of your mouth..

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