Friday, November 6, 2009

Ben Casey, Where Are You?

Medical dramas give a false impression of doctors.
I’ve never had a doctor that even closely
resembled the handsome hunks in the TV series.

Jen worked in a local hospital where there
was one particular doctor that every female
office worker swooned over, keeping his
picture planted on their desks.
His profile was used in the hospital’s
advertising. That man was born under a blanket
of lucky stars, and then some…

My doctor resembles a cross between Don Knotts
and Boris Karloff. Just once, I wish the doctor
would match up with the cute name my fingers
had so carefully picked out in the Yellow Pages.

My present doctor also reminds me of an old
Italian nun I had in the eighth grade.
When I first saw Sr. Christine, I was scared.
She had dark searing eyes with a stone-like face.

Yes, just once let me pick out a doctor that
will curl the edges of my paper gown--and my toes--
and whose needle won’t look like a harpoon…


Daisy Soap Girl said...

My gosh, I had forgotten about Ben Casey and what about Dr. Kildaire? I did love Ben though! My doc is kind of good looking in that Ben Casey sort of way. I would never tell him that!

GulfGal said...

Lucky gal! I'd love to doc-nap the handsome Dr. from our hospital--soooo good l@@king!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

These are very old TV films but bery popular at that time. Kind regards. Philip