Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snort, Snort--Guess Who?!

New Years Eve brought us a wonderful,
butt-wagging, foot-flapping surprise:
Cruiser, our resident duck, came waddling
back to our yard. Surprise of surprises!

With Paul running to the kitchen to
some multi grain bread, Mama Cruiser,
is leaner, began snorting,
wiggling her way
past the screen door.

She was as excited to see us as we were

to see her-- at least 3 months have passed
since her last visit.
What better New Year’s
than to have
Ol’ Snorty back in our lives.

Funny how much we missed feather-butt

and her almost daily visits.
I was sure that my scolding had sent her
off into a huff when she had voraciously
the bread from my hand, as well
as my finger.

My New Year’s resolution--at least one?

Cruiser, I promise not to quack at you!

1 comment:

Colin said...

I remember when we raised muscovy ducks as a kid, and while they will not quack in conversation, their head bobbing and hissing were obvious reads to their moods. I am glad to hear that Cruiser came back. More often than not, when one of our ducks was scolded, they left in a huff and did not come back.