Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hang Time...

With cell in hand, I enter the number.
Press 1 for English.
There’s something wrong with that.

The voice lists the menu options: longer than Pinocchio’s nose.
I try to remember what options 2,3, and 4 were.
I’m sorry, but all customer service representatives are busy.
The average wait time is 8 minutes.
Please hold...

Let’s see…in 8 minutes, I can pour another cup of tea,
polish my nails, knock down spider-sack webs from the
pool enclosure, or go online to order Poisonous Snake insurance.
No, not really, though it’s not a bad idea…

Hanging up after 7.5 minutes of listening to bellowing
recorded music that rivaled the mating call of a wild yak,
I decided that I just saved myself $15.00.

Making the rounds around the pool deck to my padded
chaise lounge, I suddenly feel something crawling along my arm.

Looking down, I see a medium-sized black spider, dangling
from a web, orbs glaring at me, its spindly legs dancing along my arm.
Yikes! I whack it off with a paperback book, then step on it.

Maybe I should opt for poisonous spider insurance…


Walter Knight said...

A while back I took the who family on vacation. Of course, when you have daughtes, at least on neighbor girl has to come too.

So, at a casino hotel in Beaty, Nevada, the neighbor girl is going to the following us to the room when she lets out a shriek! There is a spider on the ceiling corner of the hallway, and she will not go another step forward.

She summans the manager, and then security to dispose of the spider. My young son insists the spider not be harmed. A huge security officer scoops up the spider with a newspaper, and excorts it safely outside to the safe desert.

So, you don't need spider insurance. Just call security.


Walter Knight said...

Whoa, I should have used my spell check. Great photos.