Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Ambiance Of The Weed...

I was flipping through the pages of Florida
Design gathering decorating ideas.
I came across an ad, The Ambiance of the Gate.
Pictured was a massive, ornate gate protecting
the endless driveway to a palatial estate.

We don’t have a gate--or an endless driveway.
We might have ambiance, though.
Do weeds with pretty flowers count?
The two Royal Palm trees are stately.
Jen's SUV parked in the driveway with her
yellow Tarpon fishing kayak perched atop
the rack makes a statement of sorts...

All the gorgeously appointed homes lining
Gordon Drive and Gulfshore Blvd. have the
most awesome gardens, many adorned with
koi ponds, Asian-inspired bridges and waterfalls--
and gates with superior ambiance.

A weed would be largely intimidated if it
dared to sprout among such a garden of wealth
and enterprise. The weed family, on the other
hand, has decided it enjoys our unadulterated,
understated front, side and back yard.

It’s clearly an endless battle.
We spray, pull and curse the insidious growths.
I developed a case of carpal tunnel from endlessly
ripping the deeply rooted sprouts from the grass.

Yes, ambiance falls into the gardens and
homes of the wealthy.
Those koi fish have it made…

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

I have given up on the weeds this year and decided that they look kind of pretty. Now they have some mysterious berries that I do believe may turn into seeds and I'll have many more "pretty" weeds next year. The fish is sooo beautiful.