Friday, October 30, 2009

Bubbling Over...

Put a glass of wine in front of me, or any
alcoholic drink, and the vapors
will get me giddy.
Alcohol is a foreign substance to my bloodstream.

Only occasionally will I even have a beer.

Something happens after one glass: I start
giggling over the slightest things.

You’d think that an Irish gal would tolerate

alcohol better than I do.

Jen and I went out recently to Uno Chicago

Grill for Happy Hour--which, in my case,
is an understatement.

No sooner had I taken a few sips of my Bud,
that I began giggling. Tears down my face hysterics.
Jen began laughing too, since it’s contagious.

Thank goodness, my outburst only
lasted a
couple of minutes.

Once, Jen and I went to a members
reception and
art exhibition at the von Liebig Art Center.

I’d already enjoyed half a glass of Cavit Grigio.

We stepped up to a piece on exhibit: a wood
of the male form.
Needless to say, I began erupting,
and made
a comment, ”That’s quite a 'diplodocus'. "
Jen was laughing uncontrollably.

Unfortunately, the artist was standing next to us…
Believe me, the statue was disproportional.

Tonight, I’m exhibiting a photograph, Aspen Glow,
in a juried
show, the 48th Founder’s Exhibition
at the von Liebig.

There will be tables of food, wine and entertainment.

I’ll definitely eat something before I have any wine.
I sure hope I don’t run into Diplodocus II...


GutsyWriter said...

I can't wait to hear the rest of your story and how the event went for you. I hope you have some great news regarding the photograph you submitted.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

I like the trees Nancy. Very artistic.