Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boo, Hiss...!

October is a beautiful month for those
who live in a seasonal state: Leaves changing,
that feeling of crispness in the air.

People are beginning to flock down here
from the north and Midwest.
Why? It’s been hotter than a witch’s cauldron.
We’ve been steeped and boiled in the high
90’s every day.
Sure, the sun is lower and the shadows are longer--
that’s the only seasonal difference so far.

The insects are madder.
Tom’s been chasing wasps in the garage,
swatting them with a towel.
They’re infiltrating the holes in the overhead door.
They’re not stupid wasps.
The second he whacked one wasp to the garage
floor, another one swooped in for the kill.
Zing! On the neck...

I just got a call from the von Liebig Art Center
curator who is accepting Artist Statements for the
upcoming Founder's Exhibition.
“Nancy, can you resend the statement to me?
I can’t open the file attachment”

Let’s see, somewhere in the recesses of my sometimes
linty brain, sits my statement.
I wrote a great statement--in my head and threw
it quickly into Works--where is it?
I saved it then and sent it to Jack, but for the life
of me, the file has vanished.

Tom’s having knee surgery Friday.
No real biggie, thank God.
He has a torn meniscus.
Must have been caused from all that walking he
does on the beach…
I could see that problem happening to someone,
say, a rock climber or a contortionist…

I haven’t received my early Social Security check
yet for this month. Last month's check arrived on time.
I’m supposedly eligible based on my husband--
I don’t have enough work credits yet.
Hmm...have to pay for that new digital camera
I just bought a couple of months ago.

I accidentally transposed a number when sending
a text to my friend.
I keep tabs on him, making sure he’s still alive
and well. I sent four texts to him over the last few days.

I didn’t hear back, which is very unusual.
I spent a few worried days, until my left brain kicked
out the cobwebs and I checked the faculty roster online.
There it was--I’d mistakenly switched two digits.
Someone in Outer Mongolia got four of my texts…

I went to the fitness room in the clubhouse Saturday.
Kids under 16 aren’t allowed.
While I was working out, “dad” opened the door and
peeked in, ushering his four kids--under the age of 6.

Running, bouncing, overtaking the treadmill and cycles.
Simmering, I finally indicated the sign on the door.
He told me “Lady, don’t sweat the small stuff…”
I left, and quickly composed a letter to management,
who's always ranting about following community rules.
Remember John Ritter in the movie, The Colony?

There’s been some good stuff in October, though:
Jen is back, and we girls get out together now.
I’m looking forward to the Founder’s Exhibition
at the end of the month.
I’m not looking forward to my dental appointments.

October will be over before I know it.
Mondays dissolve quickly into Fridays.
I thought I just put away the Christmas decorations ...

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

Well, I hope now that Oct is over things are looking up. I was vacuuming the living room the other day and found some pine needles I had missed from our Christmas tree. If it's going to take a year to clean up the needles I may just opt for an artificial tree this year.