Friday, October 16, 2009


Cartoons courtesy of the 'Net

It may be The Year Of The Ox, but it’s been--
and still is--the Season of The Mosquito.
Yep, another mosquite story…

Mosquitoes are more productive than the
rabbits hopping in the neighborhood gardens.

At night, we stealthily sneak from the house to
step outside. The door is opened one millimeter--
swoop-- they buzz in, like vultures zeroing in on road kill.

Paul always manages to decimate one or two
skeeters in the computer room, late at night.
His speed of light smacking reflexes are amazing.

When I lived in the San Fernando Valley years
ago, mosquitoes were hard to see because of
their light tan color.
They were bigger, too.

Florida mosquitoes are charcoal colored.
I swear I saw one in a “Skeeto”[Speedo] the
other day flying around the pool.

I read somewhere that the Everglades National
Park has forty-three kinds of mosquitoes living
and feeding in the environment of thick mangrove
and saw grass swamps.

In 1893, a naturalist living in Flamingo--so named
for the large population of migrating flamingos from
Cuba and the Bahamas-- reported that swarming
clouds of mosquitoes extinguished his oil lamp.

We’ve exhausted every known repellent known
to humans. Nothing really works.
If we’re ever invaded by cosmic aliens,
They’ll have a heck of a time…

Somewhere in this world, in some remote science lab,
a researcher must be hard at work figuring out the
perfect mosquito potion.
Kick it up a notch…

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

Next year try some lemongrass essential oil or some stuff I bought from helped a lot. But maybe we have those weak city skeeters not the healthy Fl ones. lol