Monday, October 5, 2009

What's For Dinner...?

While I was cooking dinner one evening,
I flipped on the television program featuring
Andrew Zimmern
, the bald-headed guy who
travels the far corners of the

world sampling exotic fare.

He’d just opened his mouth to a forkful of
some steaming dish which included disgusting
post-wiggling insects, better left on garbage.

A few minutes later, he spooned up a kind
of stew
with round meatballs--not the kind
I’m used to
serving up with spaghetti.

Another dish he devoured so enthusiastically
resembled a head of cauliflower...ugh.
As he traveled on through the city, he came
a street vendor offering a plate of
skewered scorpions,
from which he took one
and so spiritedly crunched, grinning broadly.

As my stomach tried to settle back to normal,
I finished up in the kitchen and brought dinner
to the table--a very all-American dish of teriyaki,
orange-glazed salmon, rice and steamed veggies.

Since Jen has moved back home, I’ve
creating menus--nothing fancy, just good,
wholesomely nutritious food.

Having been a Key West gal for the last 6 months,
she's gotten used to scallops and fresh lobster.

Cooking mainly for Paul and myself for
quite awhile,
our dinners were often just salads
and veggies, tilapia,
or my famous pizza:
Baby Ray's Original BBQ sauce,
skim mozzarella,
cubed grilled chicken, pineapple tidbits,

all topped with chopped cilantro.

Just yesterday, out in the garage, Paul yelled
"Mom,come out and see this gigantic bug crawling around."
It sported a huge, beetle-like shell with front extended
pincers and four long legs.

Either Halloween is coming earlier this month,
or this indescribably scary insect fell out of that
television show I’d been watching.

It looked at me with its multiple orbs.
Hmmm…might be interesting roasted and dipped in a
mango and honey-dijon sauce...

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

What was that insect? My husband loves to watch that show and most of that stuff is really disgusting, but you know what? I always have to watch and see what incredible thing he will eat next. LOL