Friday, October 9, 2009

Its A Tropical Heatwave...

It’s been hotter than Death Valley on a “cool” day.
If I were a camel, my humps would have
dried up by now.

Last night, I heard some peculiar noises
emanating from my husband, Tom, sitting
in the living room adjacent to the foyer.
He was watching the weather on Fox 4.
Sh-- came out as a growling cuss word.
“I can’t believe this damn weather…”

Tom Johnston said it was going to be another
record heat day for Friday.
The heat index is supposed to reach 105.
Thursday the temp reached 98 degrees with as
much humidity.

I flipped through the growing number of cable
channels. I don’t know where any of my
favorite channels are since Comcast decided to
play the game, Find Me, rearranging and
throwing some channels into the 700’s.

I finally hit on a program with delightful,
scampering penguins, twittering along like
old men in tight underwear.

They were having a great time, flopping
one-by-one off the ice shelf into the
freezing blue water.

The heat isn’t that bothersome to me.
Tom, on the other hand, has Nordic blood.
He used to swim in the San Francisco Bay,
off Coyote Point and Aquatic Park, when we
lived on the Peninsula years ago.

Tom would have been a great explorer or
mountain man. He’s very outdoor oriented--
has a sense of adventure, but is stiffled by
Florida’s climate.
He takes a morning walk and swim at the beach,
while I usually get dropped off at Books-A-Million.

It’s great here in the winter when the rest of the
country is unfortunately in a deep freeze.
Beautiful, cloudless days: dry, in the 70’s, low 80’s.

We stepped outside this morning at 7:00--
it already feels in the low 80’s.
Last night about 11:00,the temp was 87.
At bedtime, I felt like Scheherazade:
Shedding the seven veils to keep cool...

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

Wow. I had no idea that it got that hot and to think it's Oct. When I lived in Fla. it seems like summer had the only 105 temps. It's the Global Warming I tell you.