Friday, September 25, 2009

By Hook Or By Crook...

With the current state of the economy, it's
propagated more criminal acts across the country:
Bank robberies,convenience store holdups, carjackings.

If I had to, I’m not a weenie about defending
myself--depending on the event, of course.
I know of some good defensive actions
one can do with their hands:

*The heel of a hand can be shoved up under
a person's nose. May be the end of him, however...

*Put all of your finger tips of one hand together
and thrust them hard into one's eyes, ear, or
on the carotid artery.
These moves may deter the attacker just long
enough for one to get away.

Back in 1970, after moving to the Bay Area,
I was confronted while walking home from
a movie; an old guy tried to manhandle me.

I kept a sharp hatpin in my pocket
my aunt had given me given me for protection.
I grabbed it and jabbed him in the side with it.
He ran off, yowling.
No one messes with this gal…

Jen found herself in a bank situation once.
She was taking the store night deposit bag
across the mall parking lot to the bank.

The front door was locked--the sign said Closed.
People were sprawled on the floor.
Jen ran back to Papyrus.
A few minutes sooner and she would have been
in the middle of the robbery.

Flipping channels one day, I caught the
Rob and Big show on TV. It's an amusing program.
Rob had a net gun which blasted a net several
yards away, capturing Rob's massive bodyguard, Big.
How effective and cool was that?

Too bad someone can’t develop a personal defense
product, besides mace and pepper spray.
I was thinking of a small canister, which becomes
activated when thrown at the perpetrator, enveloping
him/her with a noxious chloroform-based spray,
thereby knocking him out.



GutsyWriter said...

Interesting post. I was wondering what prompted a "self-defense" post from you today. Anyway, I hope no one has to use these techniques. I would be scared of course, however, who knows how you react until confronted. Loved the photo of the clouds, and rainbow.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Do I detect a product for patent? The most ridiculous ideas have come to life. Who would have thought up cell phones and Ipods but Dick Tracey. I think you're onto something.