Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ducking Out....

Paul and I are attempting to train Cruiser,

resident duck, to ‘do its thing’ on the grass.
Cruiser’s favorite spot is right behind Paul’s
specifically under it.

We chase her from the garage with a push broom.
She snorts at us as she's flapping off...
It would be nice if said pooper would help
fertilizing the lawn.
It’s the least the mooching duck could do.
She leaves her molting feathers everywhere

Paul would love to train Cruiser to mow the lawn.
It’s a tough job on these hot, 97 degree days.
Rain makes the lawn grows twice as long, and fast--
mowing it almost twice every nine days is a nightmare.
Weeds poke through and defy any treatment we use.

I’m thinking about getting a goat…

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

Goats will do the trick! That picture is so pretty.