Monday, September 21, 2009

My Friend, Guerline...Remembered

I'm posting once more today on a sad note.
My beautiful and dear friend , Guerline Damas,
32, along with her 5 young children ,
were mercilessly murdered Thursday in her
home here in North Naples.
Her husband, Mesac Damas has fled to Haiti,
and is considered a definite person of interest.

Guerline worked at our Publix supermarket.
She was sweet and always wore a smile
for everyone. She exuded warmth to all,
and was especially interested in knowing how
my family was doing.

I spoke to Guerline Thursday as she left
the store to go home. She gave me one of
her loving hugs and wished me a happy weekend.
I'll miss her so much.

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GutsyWriter said...

I am so very sorry to hear that. Is there a high crime rate in Naples? It sounds like a family murder.