Monday, September 21, 2009

Hell On Two Feet...

I was in my favorite bookstore café
Saturday enjoying a pleasant conversation
with a friend who shares my
interest in photography.

All of a sudden, from my friend’s row
of seats, a very nasty man stood up
and told us both to "
Shut up! I'm trying to read."
Judging from his speech, he must have just
been transported from way up north or
maybe an alien planet. He was so rude.

I told him to lighten up--the café is a social
atmosphere with some degree of noise:
Music playing, ice machines cranked up and
children playing about...
that if he wanted
it quiet he should go to the library or to church.

He used some profanity and threw out
a few goddammits whereupon I explicitly
told him not to take God’s name in vain.

He said, "What God ?"and walked off fuming,
as I told him he should go to Rosh Hashanah
services, instead.

Naples is a relaxed, happy and laid back coastal
town where
nearly everyone wears a smile.
So if any uptight grumpies out
there are planning
to visit, leave the attitude at home, grab a

swimsuit and try not to swim with the sharks…

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GutsyWriter said...

I met a guy at a coffee shop this morning who yelled at the barista, "You served that guy first, and I was here before him." He was a grumpy cab driver.