Monday, September 14, 2009

Food A Salt...

I’ve been making a noble attempt at checking
food labels before I buy anything.
Paul and Tom are also careful about what they eat.
They have cut way down on things they used to have
more often, like deli meat sandwiches.
Sodium is the big decision breaker--and the first
thing I look at on a food label.

Why is there so much sodium in food?
The shelf life must be 100 years…
If salt could prolong human longevity, by now,
I figure I 've got a good shot at living until I’m 300.

Soup always tips the sodium scale.
I ‘X’ it off my list.
Occasionally, a TV dinner comes in handy, but TV
dinners are loaded with sodium--even those which
are supposedly healthier for you.
One dinner had 2300 mg.-- good grief,
can you imagine the size of the salt shakers?
Some little lady at the food company must use a
hose to spray all the salt on the dinners…

Grocery shopping takes me longer, but I figure
I’m saving quite a bit since my cart is mostly empty
except for salad fixings, Tilapia, fruit, soymilk,
unsalted butter, fruit juice jam and unsalted sprouted
wheat bread; also, trans-fat free Voortman dark chocolate
chip cookies, Shredded Wheat and Uncle Sam cereals.

Sounds like an exciting cart round up.
As I wait in the Express line, there’s a bulging
cart that’s been allowed, waiting in front of me.
Everything known in the artificial food world is in that cart.
By the time I reach the cashier, she smiles and says,
You and your husband don’t buy much…”
I’m thinking, thank God


GutsyWriter said...

I agree, plus there's too much sugar. A Yoplait yoghurt in the U.S. tastes so different from one in France. There you taste the fruit: here the sugar. I don't go to extremes except I don't eat ANY FAST FOOD, I don't eat BOXED FOOD, not even frozen. Just freah, and home cooked. I'm a lot like you, but I do not drink SOY. I drink non-fat milk and eat REAL CHEESE.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

LOL. You are right on it about the salt. I am sodium senstive so I check everything also. Don't worry, my cart and it's skimpy contents are right there with yours. I do like some dried black beans made into soup though. I use all kinds of fresh herbs, green peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and a little cayenne pepper. I cook it on low at least 5 hours until very thick. It is so good and I don't miss the salt. Do you ever use Agave as a sweetner?