Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Nose?

We’re approaching runny nose season.
My first encounter with a drippy faucet
was yesterday.
I’d just paid for a magazine and the bookseller
cordially bagged the purchase--after he had
sneezed an Oscar-worthy sneeze into his hand
and wiped his nose with his bag hand.

Yikes! I took out a Kleenex and used it as
protection for holding the bag.
I imagined all the germs enjoying Pastel Journal,
multiplying into little pods, like in the movie,
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers...

When I got home I sprayed Lysol into my car

and on the magazine.
Over the top? Heck no!
Not with swine flu flying around.
Even ol’ Harry Reasoner couldn’t escape the virus.

“Season” is fast approaching when thousands of
people, particularly ‘snow birds’ descend on Naples.
This coastal town will soon be bumper to bumper--
on the roads and the beaches.

So far, there have been very few cases of the flu
in our town on the gulf.
So travelers, please be healthy when you decide
to travel anywhere.
Don’t fly, especially--keep the town you intend
to visit a healthy place.

Thanks. Ah-Choo…

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

God bless you! I don't blame you one bit for spraying everything. Buy some of that antiseptic gel stuff they sell and keep it in your purse.