Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holey Haute Pants…

I went shopping for a pair of jeans yesterday,
and found three--until I discovered holes in them.
Moths in Marshall’s??
No, the jeans are supposed to have holes in them.
No holes in the price, though.

I remember throwing clothes away that
had holes in them. Years ago, some
companies were buying back your old jeans.
I thought that was odd, but mailed some in.

I walked over to Petites, and began looking.
A woman in the petite section thought I should
be shopping in the Misses section, since I don’t fit
the size category for Petites.

Taking two pairs of size 4 pants to the fitting room,
I slid into them. I’m tall but small framed and
can wear some petite sizes.

The clam digger khaki pair and Lee jeans fit
like a dream. I continued to look with a wide smile
on my face, since the lady was still peering at me.

I could use a new jeans skirt.
I found one skirt that looked vaguely familiar to me.
Same stitching and pockets…could it be?

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

You're cracking me up. When I was feeling in the dumps last week all I had to do was read your blog to lift my spirits. Next time I'll remember and then you won't have so many of my posts to read in one day. You're too funny Nancy.