Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crystal Ball Gazing...

Publisher’s Clearing House sent me a flier a few
days ago revealing the possibility the P C H van
might be in my neighborhood soon.
My GPS tells me the van is somewhere in the
middle of America.

It’s exciting to think that I might finally be the one
whose entry is drawn, whose doorbell is rung, and
who opens the front door to smiling faces, live video,
and a big fat check.

I’ve been waiting for 21 years.
Of course, I was always the one waiting for
Santa Claus to appear.
For the cost of a stamp, who knows?

I envision myself caught in a bath towel with my
hair turbaned--or answering the door with Daisy,

perched on my shoulder, nibbling my neck,
leaving her’ present’ in plain sight.

Another bulky PCH envelope arrived in the mailbox today.
I flipped it into the recycling container.
I can always enter online and save a stamp…

1 comment:

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Do you remember Michael Anthony on TV. I think that was his name...on The Millionaire? I was a child but I always figured he would show up at our door and then later, of course Mr.McMann.