Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bumpy Road Ahead...

Who said life was fair?
Things, big and small, all have a way of creeping into our everyday existence. Whether it's someone who cuts you off in traffic or the barking dog left outdoors for hours, these annoyances can simmer and boil, until you feel yourself changing into Frankenstein.

You suddenly start thinking of ways of getting back: the middle finger's been on vacation for awhile—what's one little wiggle going to hurt..? Yes, I'm guilty!
The barking dog a few door's down may eventually become dinner for our neighborhood coyote, panther, or alligators--of which there are three inhabiting the lake close by.

Yes, it's sometimes fun to entertain thoughts of revenge.
We're only human, after all.
Some annoyances needle and wedge, and cause brewing worries, until something alien takes over.
You've suddenly become a victim of a bad science experiment!
Where did rational thought go?

I've discovered the more something hovers over you, overwhelming your normal brain function, the more inclined your health—mental and otherwise—will suffer.
Increased blood pressure, junk food snacking, losing sleep, all add up to a doctor's visit.

My friend, “Mark” [see the archived blog, On the horizon..] has been stressfully waiting for a meeting with administration of the college where he instructs.
For two weeks, he's worried himself, speculating about the meeting, and what it may mean to him in relation to his job.
His blood pressure has gone through the roof.
I've commiserated with him, offering support and encouragement.

Allowing negative thoughts to upset your life to such a degree , is like speeding down a road with a sign saying DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD.
There will always be worry of the unknown, and annoyances that want to burrow, but neither of these should be a winner...

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