Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Small Gifts...

I love the beach as a place to walk, swim, read, and scavenge for shells.
After a storm, there are numerous tidal pools, each filled with mounds of shells.
Each shell is as distinctively different in shape and size.

Coquina shells have open, small butterfly-wing shapes, in purple, rose and golden hues.
Olives are beautifully designed, smooth as silk.
'Paul Newman's Eyes', what we call the small, round,
eye-shaped orb with a bluish spot in the center.
Spider conchs have flared, spider-leg extensions along the shell's length.

The first summer of living in Naples, my daughter and I had 'sheller's' back, the term used to describe all the hunched-over shell collectors.
Between us, we may have collected 500 shells, many of them now assorted and containerized.
I like using them as models for watercolor painting.

I never tire of the beach: watching the gentle waves tumble new shells along the water's edge, or catching an evening sunset with billowing clouds.
The deep footprints left from people strolling the beach are soon washed away by lapping waves.
Another day will come and a new day of discovery awaits.


Daisy Soap Girl said...

Nice post. I think the older I get I love doing simple things. My taste in music has also changed. I have always loved gentle music but recently I've found that I actually look forward to going to the dentist where the music is soothing. LOL. Ooooh, you should read my post on When I'm Old I Shall Wear Purple. That's my favorite post.

Laura said...

We loved to go shell hunting when we lived in Hawaii. It's so exciting to find a really rare or unique shell. One day we want to get a coffee table with a shadow box so we can display all our little treasures from the ocean.