Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunny Side Up...

Today's my birthday.
I don't feel 62.
I think I have the 'think young, feel young gene'.
My husband tells me “You're getting up there.”
Up where?
Age, to me, is a matter of brain matter.
If you think you're old, you're going to feel that way, and act he same.

I have a good friend Mary, in California.
When Mary was in her early fifties, she started wearing elastic waist pants.
She wore them because she'd put on a few pounds.
Mary laughed , said she was getting old.
I looked at her pretty face and realized she'd given up on wearing a little makeup, too.
“Too much trouble everyday,” she informed me.

It's never too late to make some changes, so I encouraged Mary to adopt a few.
She tossed out the cheesecake desserts, and the salted chips.
She lost a little weight too, and started feeling better.
Mary got involved with a senior group, taking trips to the Nevada casinos,
or day long trips to San Francisco.
Her outlook on life improved.

I may be getting 'up there', but my mind and body doesn't know it.
Not one to be a couch potato, I get out for daily walks.
I exercise everyday—I really don't enjoy it that much, but I push myself.
People say 'I eat like a bird.'
I like healthy salads, fish, chicken ,nuts, and fruit; I drink plenty of water.
If I fall into the pattern of feeling old, I'm afraid my
body will pick up on that, and decide to give me assorted aches and pains.

Sure, there may be days that I feel like spitting tacks,
when the day may not be going quite right.
I blame it on bio-rhythm--sounds like a good excuse.
I realize that if I put my thoughts and efforts on something else, small problems seem to dissolve.

I have many interests to keep me active and busy.
There's no time for negative thoughts.
I love to write, and I paint--not as often as I should.
I have to wait for inspired moments.
Photography is what I'm passionate about.
I love the creativity photography evokes.

Humor is the best ingredient for a long life, too.
My mom was young at heart, a real character.
She gave me her wonderful sense of humor.
We had great times together, always laughing until our sides split.
It's one of the things that I miss the most, now.
Every day I keep mom in my thoughts.
It's also what keeps me feeling young.

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Nothing Profound said...

Hi Nancy-I like everything you said about yourself and your attitude toward life. I'm 64, and I've never felt happier. I've always been a Peter Pan, with a youthful outlook. I love living simply, and having fun and not worrying about things I can't change. So let's stay active and grateful and keep enjoying life.