Thursday, May 28, 2009

Planet X...

Big Foot, according to eyewitnesses, roams around the remote areas of the Pacific Northwest, Northern and Central California.
For all the times I've been to Humboldt County, I've never seen him.
There's even a carved wood likeness of Big Foot in Willow Creek, California.

Florida has the Skunk Ape--a big, hairy, smelly creature.
People have said that the creature leaves behind
a horribly putrid scent.

It's been sighted by numerous people in various parts of the Everglades.
Hunters and fishermen, as well as local folks, have sworn
they've seen Skunk Ape.
Some people have videos and still pictures to prove the sightings.
Like Big Foot, footprints have been documented.
I've never seen Skunk Ape--only in a television special.

I saw an unexplainable UFO once.
Some college friends and I went to the beach in Malibu
to witness the 'grunion run'. The best time is late at night.
Hundreds of people were on the beach, waiting for
the tiny creatures to scramble back to the ocean.

From where we stood, looking down the beach, we suddenly
saw a strange light.
As quickly as it appeared, it vanished.
Seconds later, overhead, a bright, conical light
flashed over us.
No sound, nothing.
It wasn't a blimp, or a weather balloon.
All we know, along with hundreds of onlookers,
that something quite mysterious happened that summer evening.

Does Big Foot, the Skunk Ape, or UFO's really exist?
I can't say they don't...

*photo is not mine.

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Valea said...

I'm with you....I can't say they don't. With so many people having witnessed so many different things...i tend to lean toward there is something out there. Big Foot, Ufo's and the Lochness monster...too many people say they have seen something to discredit them all is kinda hard.

Great blog...thanks for the sweet comments on my daughters made her smile :)