Friday, May 29, 2009

Swimming Upstream...

Living well into your 90's is not impossible--unless you're
an unlucky skydiver, big game hunter, or bungee jumper.
A good mental attitude helps, along with good health
and eating habits.

I'm humorous, I eat smart--most of the time.
So, I've got this living thing licked so far.
It's amazing to me that the package of cheese in my
refrigerator may very well outlive us all...

Most everything is processed.
That's why food lasts so darn long.
I try my best to stay away from processed foods.
My hair's not even processed.

I've heard a crab can grow back a leg,
if he's so unfortunate as to lose it--in crabby tug-of-war.
Lucky him, or her!
Fish never seem to age.
Ever see a fish with wrinkles?
They can live eons.
Must be all the fish oil they carry around
with them in fanny packs!

I take fish oil, by eating fish, and taking capsules.
It's supposed to be great for your skin, and increase flexibility.
I'm still waiting...