Friday, May 22, 2009

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

I love to read books.
Scenes, words from the page, become images.
Characters jump off the page.
Like a movie, images run through my mind.
There's nothing like a book in my hands.
What can take the place of being quietly and comfortably
cozy and snug reading a good book?

I wouldn't care to listen to an audio book, or have an electronic book reader.
When I was a child, books were what transported me.
I was whisked away to fantasy worlds.
I shared the mysterious adventures of the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew.
Ballet books fascinated me.
All I could think of was becoming a ballet dancer.

I bought books for my children and read to them.
Beautifully illustrated, the colorful pages held
their interest, as well as the story.
I wanted to give them the joy of reading.

I'm sure that reading develops creativity and imagination.
It could be one reason why I enjoy
painting and mixed media, as well as photography.
It's an electronic age, but not all of it's for me...


fitness said...

oh you are such a poet...u should be a writer, write poems i saw a great potential in your wordings. thats how i wish for my self to be a poet. but seems my wordings are

anyway, GBY

Survive Unemployment said...

Is that your painting? Wow. It's great! I can't even draw a stick figure!