Friday, May 15, 2009

Gals Only...

Have you ever wondered, gals, what would happen if your bra didn't live up to its claim?
What about the 24-hour bra? I'm not even awake 18 hours!
Is there a refueling nozzle on it?
If I try to push my bra's life past its limit, all I get are skid marks..
People are living to their 90's and beyond--
my bras don't last more that a few months--a year if I'm lucky.

What about 'water bras'? Do they come with fish?
Are they good flotation devices?
Mine would come with Piranhas or fighting Bettas.

What about the 'miracle' bra?
Young gals don't know if it's a miracle or not.
Everything is pretty much pointing in the right direction, no worries there.

I'm waiting for the bra packed with Helium—
one that will float me away to Bali...

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