Monday, May 18, 2009

On The Radar...

It's getting to be 'pond' season again.
With torrential thunderstorms forecast, the backyard
will be a haven for herons and frogs.
One year we actually had a 'walking' catfish.
The whiskered fish skittered along as if running,
along the side of the house, until it flopped
in the engorged swale, swimming—what a hilarious sight.

Other animals find their way into our community, as well.
Neighbors have spotted the Florida Panther, seen twice.
Coyotes and red foxes roam at night.
Of course, we also have 5 alligators, lounging about the lakes.

Yes, a tropical wave is expected.
Presently, it's flirting with SW Florida, out in the distance.
A light rain is falling.
Occasional rumbles of thunder are heard.
Tonight, the woods out back may be a symphony of cicadas and croaking frogs.
Bring on the storms...nature's night music awaits.

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