Monday, July 27, 2009


I watched my teacher friend,"Mark", have a heart attack
He texted me Help. Very sick. Library.
When I arrived, Mark was sweating profusely.

He was wired up to an EKG machine.
Mark was promptly wheeled out by EMS and taken
to the hospital.
I assured him that I'd meet him in
and not to worry.

I took his cell phone and called his son.
Without a car recently, I told Mark's son
that I'd
get his dad admitted to the hospital.

Mark's in ICU after heart surgery.
He was looking forward to three job interviews this week
for new teaching positions in Tampa, Tarpon Springs
and St. Petersberg.
Each university is highly interested in Mark.

Seeing my friend fall ill is a wake up call to
one's lifestyle.
Mark played tennis occasionally with
his son,
that being his only exercise.

I doubt if his eating habits were very good.

Events like this motivate a person to make positive
changes in
health and relationships with family and God.

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