Thursday, July 30, 2009

Half-Steam Ahead

*6:10--Wake up, thank God... stretch, groan...
and wonder
why I get up so dang early every morning.

*7:00--Brew coffee. It's a new flavor called
La Brea Tar Pits..
what eventually killed the dinosaurs!.

*7:40--Wonder why I haven't perked up
from the percolator...
my stomach sounds like the water works, however.

*7:50--Get on the computer. Look at the blank screen.
Try to dig something funny from my tired, locked
down brain.
Should I tackle bug invasion...again?

*8:30--Voila! Edit my draft blog, upload a picture,

save and publish the blog.

*8:45--Do some internet research.
See an interesting site and unleash a viral nest
of trojan downloaders. Norton kicks in immediately.
Virus scanning.

*9:30--Head for Books-A-Million bookstore [BAM].

*9:50--Blog some more on my
AlphaSmart 3000
word processor. Best thing I ever bought...
gets people wondering
what the heck it is! *11:15--Go home, check out the inviting pool which
has invited small, beetle-like bugs, no larger than
ant, to a pool party.
How they get through the pool enclosure netting
is beyond me.
These winged bugs cluster in pods
of 20 or more.

Hmmm...Invasion of the Body
Snatchers comes to mind...

*12:15--Skim the pool and take a dip.

Maybe I can sell the bugs under miscellaneous

weird stuff on Ebay...

*12:30--Cruiser, our resident duck, shows up.

Give him water, but he's on a tortilla chip ban.
He snorts a few times, then leaves.

*1:00--Think about having some lunch.
Eat some of Cruiser's unsalted tortilla chips
with cottage cheese, raw unsalted peanuts and fruit.
Take vitamins.

*2:00--Watch recording of A M C.

Pine Valley is one dang-interesting place!
Zack is some hunk...

*3:00-start yawning...thinking about what
have for dinner.

*3:15--Sleep on it...

Some Enchanted Evening by Art Garfunkel while preparing dinner. So romantic...

*6:30--Just in time for Seinfeld.

*8:00-- Get some ideas tapped out for tomorrow's blog.

*10:00--Curtains... Tha-a-at's All Folks...!

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

I was wondering why you get up so early until I saw Books A Million and Art're my kind of girl.