Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Ducky...

We now own a duck.

Not by choice--he picked us.
I first saw"Cruiser", AKA "Baby Huey", cross
street. Feet slapping the pavement, the
waddled purposefully in our direction, and
himself at home in the garage, behind
Paul's truck--
flopping himself down like
he owned the place.

I tried chasing Cruiser to the lawn, hoping he'd go
where he'd come from.
We chased each other in circles--all the while,

Cruiser emanating snorts of displeasure, and
trail markers.
I gave up and went back into the house.
Sitting at my desk, I caught sight of something bobbing
along the window--Cruiser was heading
to the back yard.

By now, Cruiser had elicited attention from Paul, who had
already developed an attachment to the hapless duck.
Paul set out a bowl of cold water since the heat index
was already 105.

Cruiser lapped the bowl until the water was gone.

So now, the duck has adopted us.

Cruiser is programmed to appear in the morning, afternoon,
and often, in the evening.

Paul's discovered Cruiser likes unsalted tortilla chips.
Cruiser won't win any beauty contests, but he's won this game.

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

That is so sweet. I love a good story and you never fail me with your totally interesting life. It