Friday, July 10, 2009

The Great Bowl Beyond...

Not only have I not had a green thumb over the years,
but my track record with pet longevity has been just so-so--
especially with goldfish.

When Paul was about 8, he wanted
two gold fish.
So off we went and bought a couple of
very cute fish,
which Paul named Junior and Goldie.

We wanted to do things up right to give Junior and
the best advantage of a long life.

After paying the cashier for Junior and Goldie,
a proper size bowl, food, and a water filtration system,
we got home and set everything up.
Junior and Goldie were as happy as two fishes could be…

for a couple of days.

The fish either didn’t like their existing accommodations,
or we were lacking something in the care and feeding
Paul thought a toy in the bowl would give
the fish something
to swim in and out of.
A diver and a piece of coral later,
Junior and Goldie
sort of perked up…

for a couple of days.

The glint in Junior's and Goldie's eyes had dimmed.
What was wrong? Had we failed as fish caregivers?
Paul tried his best to get his fish back in the swim of things…
But they were out of one bowl and into another…

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