Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clouds To Rainbows...

Quit while you're ahead.
How many times have you heard that saying?
I've heard it a few times.

Husbands are often anxious about new enterprises--
they can see the money floating away on something
that they have no control over.
They expect some immediate success--
quit while you're ahead
is their motto.

An agreeable amount of time and effort has to
be devoted to what you believe in and love to do--
but why spend more money continuing with a project
that doesn't seem to be paying off?

Most recently I gave up a website.
It was a Pro Account that allowed me to exhibit
and sell my photographs.
My decision to drop the account didn't mean
that I gave up.
I'd rather pocket the annual $149 site fee and use
it for my equipment or enlargements.

I'm working on a new gallery website.
No fee is involved other than a low percent,
per item sold, transaction fee via PayPal.

The downward economy has forced many of us to
reevaluate our options.
Positive changes bring on revitalization.
I'm pumped up and ready to give myself another go.

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Klambat said...

The question is how do you know when you are ahead?