Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road Warriors...

Collier County has finally employed photo
enforcement at the busier and ignored traffic intersections.
The county collected over $400 in one week.
The national pastime for most drivers I’ve witnessed
is to run the red lights. Yellow means speed up to them.
It doesn’t matter if the intersection is as wide as a
football field--Zippy is zipping through.

Traffic operations has added a few seconds of wait time
allowing for red light busters, meaning: If east-west
traffic has the green light, west bound is already driving
while east bound sits at the light-- allowing for the
red light lefties to bust the signal.
That’s considerate--it gives you enough time to
file your fingernails , send a text, or run in to grab
a Dunkin Donut.

It was always tough to figure when the red light
was coming on--tough because the roads are such
long stretches between lights.
So you start thinking should I speed up, or start slowing down?
It took us some time to finally gauge the traffic lights.

When we moved here, we drove like little old ladies
from Pasadena, going 45 on 41, the Tamiami.
This caused some uptight drivers behind us
to honk their horns. I’ve often wished our car had
some techy James Bond gadgets so I could push
a button and send out a barrage of cow dung, or squid juice.

We eventually realized that 52 mph gets you through
most green lights and is still a cop-friendly speed.
If jet packs are ever available to the public, I’ll be first in line.

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

I wish those horn honkers had the James Bond feature on their cars where they could raise their car and drive over the other cars. Honking the horn has never made the driver in front drive faster. I use the time at lights to put in another CD, check lip gloss, pull stray hairs, and just to rest a bit. I have no stress at red lights.