Thursday, July 23, 2009


The beach is tranquil.

The gentle lapping of the waves curling up along the
shoreline, the sea birds chasing
the shiny minnows,
elevates me to a calm
place in my thoughts.

The soft breezes float salty sea air while I walk
the damp sand. Shells tumble and swirl onto the shore,
gathering up
into mounds, waiting for seeking fingers.
Criss-crossed footprints run along the path
I'm taking.
Some are large, others are tiny.

How many of those are first time visitors to this beach...

how many will be coming back?
I don't see some of the older regulars any more...

The sea is ever changing as the day lengthens
early evening.
The glistening blue water of the
Gulf deepens
with fringes of violet and gold,
the setting sun, today's finale.

As I leave the beach I know new treasures
await tomorrow's encore.

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