Friday, July 3, 2009

Byte Me...

Computers are designed to drive the ordinary human crazy.
Geeks know what to do when critical and fatal error messages
pop up on the screen. I consider myself an intermediate user
who is not that
technically challenged.

I used to get more error messages than was normal.

BSOD's are the worst PC events.
I think my computer at the time was built in some dark lab
in outer Slovakia by Igor the Mad.

My PC got around cyberspace all on its own.

It carried on unscrupulous, long distance cyber hookups
without batting a byte of eyelash. Via the 'net, a romance
of tarnished trysts entered
my computer's database.
The PC crashed many times.

I scolded it for being skankish and thoughtless of its
The BSOD's and error messages continued in
of my efforts to set forth a proper path.

I deemed my PC a lost cause, gave it my final blessing,
and sent it to the vast abyss of the incorrigible
and defiant, the recycling chamber.

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