Monday, July 20, 2009

Altered States

Nothing much has happened with Florida's weather
this summer--
it's been hotter than a witch's
butt these days.
The National Hurricane Center
forecasts a "near normal"
hurricane season for
the Atlantic, with a 25% chance of above-normal

outbreaks and 25% chance of below-normal outbreaks;
forecasters expressed a greater degree of
uncertainty this year than
they have in past years.
NOAA predicts a 70% chance of the following:
  • Named storms: 9-14
  • Hurricanes: 4-7
  • Major hurricanes: 1-3

When we first arrived in Naples as new residents,
the thunderstorms
came like clockwork nearly
every afternoon--tremendous "crackers".
The storms were so terrifyingly exciting, we
filmed them.

We looked forward to the skyward electrical displays.

I also kept a hurricane diary.
In August of 2004, we had our first hurricane.
Charley was frightening. Talk about Friday the 13th!
Paul and I watched the leading bands creep
up from the south
until the early morning hours.
It was eerie and heart palpitating.

Charley finally hit with a force around
1:25 p.m.,
uprooting two trees from our front yard.
The back yard and the street was a lake.

We've been through at least 4 hurricanes
since Charley;
the last two years have
been very quiet,
except for a few tropical

The weather has definitely changed, not only
in Florida,
but in so many other regions of the country.

I'm looking out from the top floor window in the
Books-A-Million bookstore.
The gulf side is dark with a few lightning streaks.
Looks like rain may be coming after all.

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

I miss Fla. a lot but not for the hurricanes. It is still quite nice to visit when it's not so hot.