Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ain't She Sweet...

I don't have a dog; my family used
to years ago.
I'm more of a bird gal.
Birds are much easier to care for.
Our lovebird , Daisy, is perched on my wrist
while I blog, preening...

Besides, we don't need a dog since there
are now two pugs living next door... barking
at any movement in the backyard.

They go absolutely nuts when Cruiser,

our resident duck, waddles by.

Cruiser snorts hot air at the yappers.

It's strange how the owners never really

hear their barking animals--must be music
to their ears. I also wonder why
they'd keep
them outside in this intolerable heat?

Dogs are fine as long as they keep
yaps quiet,and don't charge at me
with teeth bared.
That's happened only twice.
I'm lucky the dog, on each occasion,
was held back by a working electric fence.

Unfortunately, many Florida communities
allow fences around the property.
Maybe I should capture the neighborhood
alligator, leash it, and take it on walks with me...

Tom's been bitten once in the past by an

unleashed German Shepherd while jogging,
requiring stitches on his leg.
Paul was nipped on the ankle by a neighbor's
while taking a walk.
The Dog Whisperer would be very busy
in our neighborhood...

Like I said, I'd rather have a bird...

quit pecking at me
, Daisy!

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

And a cute little Daisy she is!