Monday, August 17, 2009

Animal Behavior...

What kind of a
Hello person are you?
When friends meet, are you swallowed up in hugs,
or weak hand shakes?
About everyone I know are huggers, and often,
cheek kissers.
Heck, I don't mind...I'll take whatever I can get!
There's a limit to kissing, especially since there may
be food still hanging from the corner of one's mouth--yarg...

We had an old neighbor who really liked hugging
so hard, the air escaped my lungs--and I
orangutans were huggers...

Not only was he a hugger, but a Guinness Book
hugger of at least 30 seconds.

I couldn't have broken away if I wanted to.
He had a real gleam in his eye...

Finally, I had to break down and tell him to bug off,
this flower is off limits!

Thankfully, he's recently moved.

Tom isn't a hugger. He leaves that up to me,
when people meet up.
That's okay.
Sometimes a "How's it going?"
is good enough--
though I don't want to really hear
that so-and-so's
goiter is acting up...whatever.

There are certain people who deserve a
and a kiss--like the FPL guy who finally
the power back on days after a hurricane,
the AC up and running again...ahhh.

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