Friday, August 28, 2009

Hook, Line and Sinker...

It’s Tom’s fault.
The fishing disease, that is.
It’s rampant like a virus in Jen and Paul’s lives.

When Paul was around 9 years of age,
Tom took him down to the SF Bay near
the San Mateo Bridge to fish.

Paul had never been, and it really didn’t take
long for Paul to get hooked.
It was like he’d been born with a fishing rod
in his hands.

We took several fishing trips to gorgeous, scenic fishing
holes in Northern Cal: The Russian River, Eel River,
the Trinity River; also lakes and streams in the Sierras,
and Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Needless to say, when Paul grabbed onto the sport,
Jen followed up.
She is as addicted to fishing as Paul.
Both are now avid fly fisherman as well.

Jen's abilities and bright personality has
offered her a few photo shoot opportunities with
advertisers and the Collier County Tourism Bureau.

Jen is in a fisherman’s paradise--Key West.
She and Paul play phone tag relating their fishing tales.
Yes, it’s all Tom’s fault--
and I’m glad the kids share this wonderful sport.

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