Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roads Less Traveled

There are still areas of Naples that I’m
not that
familiar with. You can tell I really get around!
Forget maps...they're barely readable.

I was driving my friend to some of his doctor
appointments recently.

He’d say,”
You don’t know where that street is, yet?”
He’d laugh, and tell me turn-by-turn how to get to the destination.

'Mark' knows shortcuts.
It's lucky we didn't take one--
a huge banyan tree branch
had snapped off and would
have crushed us and
the car.

Men like to say they’
ve only made a wrong turn…sure.
Tom is great at orienting himself while driving,
but when it comes to navigating the cyberspace highway,
watch out!

Every so often, a cry for help from the computer
filters across the hallway.
Nan, can you come here?”
My anxiety level rises...

Before I get to the room I’m thinking what is it, now?
BSOD? PC freeze?
Alas,Tom wants to send an email, which he's forgotten
how to do.
Hark! "You have to enter his @ address, not the web one..."
I added the info to an already existing PC info card for Tom.

A man’s brain is definitely structured a certain way.

There’s only so much room for the trivial things
and details
that we gals are so good at knowing
and remembering.

It’s a good thing that women have the babies,
since the guys would wonder where the
"How To"
manual was...

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

I agree. Sometimes I just stare at my husband not believing the thing that just came from his mouth. I use to wonder if it was me. LOL