Monday, August 31, 2009

Humor Me...

Humor is supposed to be funny, right?
One shouldn’t have to be sloshed
to laugh
at a good joke or a one-liner.

So I go ahead and tell my gal friend
very funny side-splitter.
You’d think I was telling it to Mt. Rushmore.
Barely a crease of a smile--a bit reminiscent
of Nixon’s
post-Watergate stone face.
A colonic may have helped her…

Who wouldn’t think that a Rodney Dangerfield
wasn’t funny:
*My parents gave me toys for the bathtub--
a toaster and a radio.

*My uncle’s dying wish, he wanted me on his lap.
He was in the electric chair.

*I was an ugly kid. I went to a freak show
and they let
me in for free.

It’s okay if those humor shorts didn’t tickle
funny bone.
R.D. was off-the-wall funny.
I connect to his weird
sense of humor.

I inherited the funny bone from mom;

we had some great unforgettable, hysterical moments.
Laughter is the best medicine…

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