Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mirror Image...

I tried on some end-of-summer clothes today.
The fitting room had a two-sided mirror.

I thought I was in the Fun House.

For some reason, my legs looked
wide and short;
I looked magnified.
Cellulite seemed to jump right off my legs;

looked like the surface of the moon.

Cheesecake poses are one thing, but
looking cheesy is another…
I stand 5’8 at 125,
so the mirrors
aren’t doing anyone justice.
Most stores use skinny mirrors.

My side view mirror in my car says
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
No kidding...
maybe the same type of glass was used--

I looked like the marshmallow float in Ghostbusters.

Without much deliberation, I removed the
and tank, deciding I could live without them.
I checked myself one more time in the mahogany-framed
floor mirror as I left the store, thoughts of
a guava danish
dancing in my head...

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