Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where, Oh Where?

When we decided to move from Cal, tossing out
or donating
stuff was the first thing we did.
I was so happy at the prospect of selling the house,
I started 6 months early with boxing things up.

I had a lot of books on writing and photography.
I sold or donated 1/3 of the books; other items got Ebayed.

On moving day, we had a driveway sale
of all that
was left--everything went.

Our FL home is large--just enough room for more stuff,
which I’m good at accumulating.
I’ve added to my reference collection, thanks to Amazon
used books and Border bookstore rewards coupons.

I rearrange drawers, cabinets and miscellaneous
that I think I need to save.
Some things are hard to throw away-- seemingly indispensable.
Tom says if I haven't used it in 6 months, throw it out...

Food for thought...

I’m running out of space again.
My DVD collection is double-stacked.
It's all Borders and Books-A-Million's fault for having
such good sales.

In 7 years I've created a monster...
I went online this morning checking out Pier 1 Imports
and World Market for bookcases and a media unit--
just large enough to store what I have.

Where would I put the furniture pieces?
I might need to Craigslist or donate a couple of things
to make more room.

Jen just called.

She's downsizing her storage unit--

"Mom, can I store some of the furniture in
the house?"
She lists a media center, chest of drawers,
queen bed
and headboard, plus a dining set.

The house is starting to grown...

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

I know the feeling. We both love books. I've decided to sell some of mine of half.com and belive it or not one of them did sell.