Monday, August 3, 2009


*Think of keys as islands.

*Are choosy about which shells to collect.

*Don't mistake dolphins for sharks.

*Don't mistake Roseate Spoonbills for Flamingos.

*Know the difference between buffets and Buffett.

*Eat early to enjoy the sunsets.

Know the best seafood restaurants.

*Love grits, mangoes and guavas.

*Have great rum recipes for coconut shrimp.

*Have a cupboard stocked with food, water and candles.

*Have battery operated portable televisions.

*Don't have fences around their homes.

*Eat fresh Gulf shrimp.

*Have hurricane parties.

*Get the frizzies.

*Must know the difference between a King Snake and a Coral snake.

*Complain when the temperature dips to 70.

*Know that Persian Limes make the best Key Lime Pie.

*Carry sunscreen at all times.

*Know how to keep a beach umbrella from taking flight.

*Take cover during a lightning storm.

*Have purse-sized dogs.

*Recognize tourists fr
om their lobster-red sunburns.